Kelsey’s Restaurant Closed
September 29. 2018
The catering will continue,
call 919-732-1155

Kelley we will miss you

Kelsey’s Café & Catering
126 W. King Street, Hillsborough, NC 27278
Open from 7am until 2pm
Closed on Sundays

You could call Kelsey’s  a “Mom and Pop” Restaurant.
You could call Kelsey’s  a Southern Café.
You could call Kelsey’s a Hillsborough place that makes Hillsborough unique.

Kelsey’s is a small family run restaurant: a timeless place. At Kelsey’s you can get anything and even find Kelly, the father of Kelsey..

This is Kelly: Kelsey's Cafe Hillsborough NC

Globalization, big business  and standardization have stripped away what make local places special. Kelsey’s stands in defiance of our technologically driven society  where people have become more isolated. When I walk into Kelsey’s, he smiles at me. The waitress, no matter how busy laughs with me.  Home spun, down to earth, mother and apple pie: all part of what is slowly vanishing in American.

If you want to see the SLIDESHOW of our visit hit the link!

Kelsey’s caters to the Hillsborough Kiwanis for their Tuesday lunch meetings. I know because I am a member of the Kiwanis. My family goes to Kelsey’s, usually on weekends for breakfast. Just finding  a place we can all agree to visit within our budget,  is special Taking my family to Kelsey’s is like returning to America in the 1950s. Kelsey’s is a real place, not an image created by a giant corporation.

Call Kelsey’s for great catering service!

A place out of a Faulkner novel.  A place that unless you stop and think about it, and appreciate it, you might miss. For me, these are the most important places as they frame our great memories. A place that is so special, simply because it is what was once so common, but now almost gone.


My favorite is the Egg Biscuit and today I added the bacon.  The kids like to share a chocolate crossest after the scrambled eggs and toast. At Kiwanis I have experienced a full range of his luncheons from the barbeque to his sandwiches and desserts.

So enjoy the pictures. They represent the experience we shared today with friends.

I create this web site because I sincerely like Kelly and being able to visit Kelsey’s Cafe.  Although I told Kelly I was going to do this, he did not pay me or even ask me to do this.  So anyone reading please know this an unsolicited complement from a crazy patron who simply likes having his family visit Kelsey’s Cafe.  Thank you Kelsey’s from Statler Gilfillen www.GilfillenArchitect.Wordpress.com

Written January 11, 2014

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